Gas Burners Dualflame


The DUALFLAME MC (Manual Control) burners are equipped with special dimensioned burner nozzles according to the existing gas consumption, available flame length and distance between the burner lances. This choice of tailor-made burner nozzles forms the basis for an optimised burner lance.

The DUALFLAME MC burner is also available as a SPB sideport burner. This burner is shorter and especially designed for use between the burner ports in a system with side-port firing.

The burner can be further adjusted with the hand wheels at the rear part of the burner lance during operation.

Adjusting the position of the interior nozzle will amend the annular gap towards the outside nozzle. In case the interior nozzle is drawn back, the kinetic energy of the gas will be reduced and consequently the mixing impulse of both the inner and outer gas streams will be reduced, thus producing a wide and soft flame. On the other hand a sharp and strong flame can be achieved by reducing the annular gap of inner and outer nozzles when moving the inner nozzles forward.

The length of the flame can be determined exactly with the second hand wheel at the burner, whereby the gas quantity in the interior and exterior nozzle can be controlled. Maintaining the entire gas quantity needed in the interior nozzle will create high gas velocity and thus a very long flame. Distributing the gas quantity to both the inner and outer nozzle will reduce the flame length.

Normally the gas quantity in the interior nozzle is adjusted by moving the outside nozzle valve when total gas quantity is constant:

  • By closing the outer nozzle valve the gas quantity in the inner nozzle increases
  • By opening the outer nozzle valve the gas quantity in the inner nozzle decreases

The adjustable gas velocity can vary e.g. between values of > 20 m/s and < 200 m/s.

1. Casing pipe
2. Gas nozzle - outside
3. Gas nozzle - inside
4. Inner gas pipe
5. Control wheel - inner nozzle position
6. Control wheel - outer nozzle gas stream


*Ref: natural gas 10 Kwh/m³
Model Gas capacity* Gas connection
MC 200 20 - 180 Nm³/h DN 50, R 2“
MC 500 50 - 400 Nm³/h DN 65, R 2 ½“
MC 700 70 - 700 Nm³/h DN 80, R 3”
MC 1000 100 - 1000 Nm³/h DN 100, R 4”


  • Precise adjustment of flame formation
  • Velocity control and mixing impulse from outside without nozzle replacement
  • Low NOx formation
  • For under-port installation at cross fired or end fired furnaces or as air casing burner
  • For all types of gases
  • Reduced corrosion of the port gable wall and burner tips
  • Maintenance is only necessary for the burner tips, which are made of highest quality stainless steel





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