HORN® Glass Industries AG gathered its knowledge from decades of work in the glass melting technology business. No matter if the customer needs a tiny, innovative technical detail or plans to build an entire glass plant – the HORN® project management and planning department with more than 160 competent employees is there from the start. HORN® takes the customer by the hand and guides him through the whole process if he wants to.

HORN® works with state-of-the-art computer stations and the latest software programmes to guarantee planning based on the latest technology. Before HORN® begins with the detailed engineering, a computer simulation of the furnace or an on-site scan can be carried out to support the subsequent detailed planning. This planning work is carried out in different departments, e.g. furnace construction, steel construction, electrical department, utility department or mechanical engineering department. In addition, the best possible communication between the planning, engineering and production departments is guaranteed, since all are located at the HORN® headquarters in Plössberg, Germany.