Planning + Engineering


If a customer wants to renew, enlarge or repair their existing furnace, detailed planning is required in order to secure an effective and precise realisation of the project. Especially the on-site measuring of existing furnace dimensions or existing building situation has to be done carefully and accurately because these data are the foundation for every step of planning and construction that follows.

We have developed a computer-based workflow allowing us to capture the structural dimensions of furnaces, machines and civil structures accurate to the millimetre, even if we don’t have access to the original plans and documents.

Here we take a laser-image of the on-site situation, including machines, structural steel and civil building situations by using highly specialised camera equipment. As a result we are able to generate an image that consists of millions of single dots. These dots serve as reference points for a software that uses these data to depict the furnace as an exact 3D CAD model.

Now we have a complete virtual reflection of the furnace and all the surroundings. Whatever repair work or addition has to be done, it can be planned directly on screen. We don’t have to rely on imprecise, manually generated data like in the past. This procedure ensures a highly accurate workflow. No matter which kind of furnace or plant, our Virtual Design is the key to an effective realisation of the project.