Gas Burners Dualflame


As it is the case with the DUALFLAME MC burner, the DUALFLAME AC (Automatic Control) burner works with two nozzles, an inner and an outer nozzle. The position of the inner nozzle can be controlled by a hand wheel at the rear of the burner in the same way as the DUALFLAME MC. Thus the flame can be shaped from soft and wide to sharp and strong.

The DUALFLAME AC burner, however, works with an automatic control of the gas quantity towards the inner and outer nozzle. Therefore gas control valves for each nozzle are installed in the utility equipment in front of the burner. This enables the furnace operator to adjust the flame length automatically in the control room without manual adjustment directly at the burner under the hot burner port.

Apart from the automatic adjustment of the burner after a load change and/or a change in the gas quantity, the ratio of the gas flow between the inner nozzle and the outer nozzle is maintained exactly constant even when the total gas quantity changes.

Furthermore, all burners can be regulated identically without variations since the gas quantity for the inner and outer nozzle is measured. This results in absolute identical firing conditions in each firing period for both the left and the right burner port(s).

Another advantage of the DUALFLAME AC burner is the laminar gas flow in the inner nozzle which, unlike the DUALFLAME MC burner, is not equipped with openings and mechanical built-in parts. Therefore the laminar outflow of the gas at the nozzle head is guaranteed and will prevent NOx formation.

The adjustable gas velocity can vary e.g. between values of  > 20 m/s and < 200 m/s depending on gas admission pressure, gas consumption, gas distribution to each nozzle and the size of the nozzles.


1. Casing pipe
2. Inner gas pipe
3. Gas connection – inside nozzle
4. Control wheel – inner nozzle position
5. Gas connection – outer nozzle
6. Gas nozzle – outer
7. Gas nozzle – inside


*Ref: natural gas 10 Kwh/m³
Model Gas capacity* Gas attachment
AC 200 22 - 220 Nm³/h DN 50, R2” / DN 25 R1”
AC 500 55 - 550 Nm³/h DN 65, R21/2“ / DN 32 R11/4“
AC 700 75 - 750 Nm³/h DN 80, R3“ / DN 50, R2“
AC 1000 100 - 1100 Nm³/h DN 80, R4“ / DN 50, R2“


  • Precise adjustment of flame formation
  • Velocity control and mixing impulse from outside without nozzle replacement
  • Low NOx formation
  • Advanced control of the velocity with the DUALFLAME AC
  • For under-port installation at cross fired or end fired furnaces or as air casing burner
  • For all types of gases
  • Reduced corrosion of the port gable wall and burner tips
  • Maintenance is only necessary for the burner tips, which are made of highest quality stainless steel





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