Melting Furnaces



All electric heated furnaces are used for many types of glass, especially for glass types that tend to evaporate, e.g. borosilicate glasses, opal glasses.

The melting capacity of JSJ´s state-of-the-art all electric melting furnaces ranges from 5 t/d – 200 t/d.


The all-electric melter VES is heated entirely with electric current and operated with a cold top furnace. This eliminates hot exhaust gases that could be contaminated with evaporation products of the molten glass.

There are increasing applications for soda lime glasses when unacceptable emissions at the site or the use of renewable energies are driving the decision.

The geometric shape of the basin can be square, dodecagonal or rectangular. 

The electrodes are installed as top, bottom or sidewall electrodes and lead the melting energy into the melt. The melt is completely covered by a mix of batch and cullet. This allows operation with a cold top furnace and reduces energy losses of the melt. 


  • Melting of demanding glass types with lowest emissions
  • Comparatively low space requirement
  • Minimal CO2 emissions

JSJ furnaces impress by:

  • compact design
  • high glass quality due to higher specific melting capacity
  • permanently high glass quality
  • simple operation
  • comparable high flexibility
  • minimum of air pollution
  • low energy consumption


From concept development to commissioning, JSJ manages projects of varying sizes, ensuring adherence to timelines, high quality standards and cost-efficient completion.



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