Well-trained staff is absolutely essential for a successful glass plant. That’s why HORN® has developed a unique training concept for its customers providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the future furnace / plant operator.


The theoretical classroom training usually runs for 2 to 6 weeks for each group at HORN® premises. Here, the staff – who is often new to the whole subject matter – is not only given an introduction to the future equipment but also learns the basics about glass and the production process.


During the off-site training, which can last from two weeks up to six months, the future plant operators join a practical training phase on an already operating factory. Under real conditions, they look over the shoulders of their trainers and gain their first practical experience. In addition, they are prepared for emergency situations, maintenance jobs and decision making.


HORN® also collaborates with the companies who supply special equipment for the production process, e.g. batch plant or forming machines. These suppliers can also provide training courses that normally run for a week or two. This ensures that employees in certain production areas receive the best possible instruction.


In the final step of the practical training, the personnel take part in the installation and start-up of the equipment on their own site. During at least one week up to several months of production, the plant operators stand side-by-side with HORN® experts and suppliers to get to know "their" plant. The trainees get familiar with:

  • safe and trouble-free plant operation
  • glass conditioning
  • combustion systems and media supply equipment
  • electrical equipment
  • handling emergency cases