The experts at HORN® have years of experience in the construction and installation of complex structures. Under the guidance of experienced supervisors, the tin bath can be safely and correctly constructed and brought into operation.

Commissioning the tin bath takes place in a number of different phases. We can support you through each phase of commissioning by being on hand with help and advice. We find problems before you see them and work on solutions before you need them.


Supervision in the “construction” phase includes the following points:

  • Steelwork assembly
  • Casing construction and welding
  • Fire-resistant cladding
  • Electrical heating system installation
  • Equipment installation (top roller, cooler etc.)
  • Installation and connection of media supplies (compressed air, coolant water, protective gas, natural gas, electricity)
  • Process and safety software installation
  • Cold tests


Supervision in the “heating up” phase includes the following points:

  • Tin bath heating up
  • Tin bed formation
  • Support during the start of the drawing operation


Supervision in the “commissioning” phase includes the following points:

  • Data recording
  • Determination of the process parameters and their fine adjustment for operation