The experts at HORN® have years of experience in the construction and installation of complex machines and equipment. The lehr is a complex machine that also has to satisfy the requirements with regard to many additional parameters to ensure production flows perfectly. Small changes can have large effects in the lehr.

The foundations for faultless production are therefore laid in the case of the lehr during its construction and installation, where HORN® is your indispensable partner.

Commissioning the cooling channel takes place in a number of different phases. We can support you through each phase of commissioning by being on hand with help and advice. We find problems before you see them and work on solutions before you need them.


Supervision in the “construction” phase includes the following points:

  • Assembly of the casings
  • Installation of the heat exchangers, exhaust air pipes, insulation
  • Connection of the media supplies (compressed air, coolant water, protective gas, electricity)
  • Process and safety software installation
  • Cold tests


Supervision in the “heating up” phase includes the following points:

  • Heating up the lehr
  • Hot test


Supervision in the “commissioning” phase includes the following points:

  • Data recording
  • Determination of the process parameters and their fine adjustment for operation
  • The controlled cooling of the first glass ribbon