The hot end of a float glass production line consists of many machines and various equipment that must all work in perfect harmony with one another. If a machine or component does not work correctly, it affects the quality of production and wastes a lot of money.

Automation is also increasingly taking over responsibility for safety. The hazards that machines present to operatives must be determined. How do the machines react to an emergency stop or the ribbon tearing off etc.? At first consideration, detailed questions like this seem unimportant, but can make a crucial difference in production. A poor level of automation means that a glass production line is more difficult to operate. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our production lines remain very easy to operate even in the most difficult situations.

Therefore, we consider automation to be one of the most important fields and one which should be tackled only by qualified and experienced specialists. Our automation specialists are experts in float glass production lines and know precisely which parameters and situations to pay attention to in their software.

The experts at HORN® have years of experience in the installation and commissioning of float glass production lines.

Supervision in the field of automation includes the following points:

  • The installation and connection of automation equipment (sensors etc.)
  • Software installation
  • Functional check and the simulation of all extreme situations
  • Assistance during commissioning
  • Determination of the process parameters and their fine adjustment for operation