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HORN® Bau & Service GmbH provides a full-service package during furnace operation to maintain the furnace and to secure a long furnace lifespan, e.g. by thermal regenerator cleaning and flux line paving.

The paving (overcoating) of flux line and throat is a common way to extend the lifespan of a furnace. The material used, thickness and height varies depending on the wear, type of furnace and other criteria – best to be checked by HORN® experts.

If the furnace is equipped with a boosting or bubbling system, it is necessary to advance the electrodes or bubblers regularly. This, together with installation or changing of electrode holders or bubblers during furnace operation is daily business of HORN®.

Regenerator cleaning is one of the methods to improve the efficiency of the regenerator by removal of condensation from the checker system. For thermal regenerator cleaning external burner systems are being installed in the regenerator below the rider arches. The temperature of the regenerator checker downpart increases to such a degree that the condensates are melting and flowing down the shafts to the regenerator basement. Here the debris can be taken out and disposed. The checkers are clean again and the furnace combustion process and operation can continue more efficiently.
Since the control and operation of the thermal cleaning call for a great deal of experience as well as state-of-the- art technical equipment, customers are well advised to consult specialists such as the HORN® staff.

Further special tools are available to execute hot refractory repair works during furnace operation. To replace damaged refractory material with new material, special chainsaws with diamond coated saw chains are available for clean cuts in refractory material without vibration and without influencing adjacent material. The diamond chainsaws are hydraulically driven and water-cooled. With this chainsaw, openings up to 580 mm deep can also be sawn into high-strength materials. The ambient temperature during operation may be up to 200 °C while the temperature on the inner side of the wall may be up to 1600 °C. The diamond chainsaws are used for repairing rat holes, removal of washouts in regenerator walls, openings for cleaning, inspection and placement of dampers or connections.

If new shaped blocks, as burner blocks or peepholes, are required HORN® is able to manufacture and install theses blocks.





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