Heat Up



  • Experienced experts
  • Cold tests
  • Special tempering equipment for Zone 0 and spout
  • Precise tempering plan and control of the tempering curve
  • Safe tin bed formation
  • Assistance during the drawing of the first glass ribbon

Heating up starts with a check of the tin bath. The tin bath must not have any construction defects and must be assembled correctly. If the rest of the equipment for heating up is ready, the heating elements are switched on. The temperature in the interior is gradually increased over time until the fire-resistant material is dry and the tin bed can be formed.

A smooth heating up requires continuous checking of the thermal expansion of the tin bath and the correct functioning and effectiveness of the plant utilities services supply systems (compressed air, coolant water, protective gas, natural gas, electricity). Equipment to measure temperature and dew point is installed on the tin bath for the heating up phase. This measuring equipment ensures perfect monitoring of the heating up process. Our experts can step in immediately should any deviations from the expected values occur.

After the required temperatures and tin filling level have been achieved, other equipment, such as linear motors, can be switched on. The temperature of the molten tin is controlled not only by the heating elements but also by linear motors (through convection currents). Once all the basic requirements have been met, the first glass ribbon can be drawn and the rest of the tin bath equipment brought into operation.

All these tasks require many years of training and experience. You can also benefit from a smooth start up of your tin bath through the support of our experts.