Heat Up



  • Experienced experts
  • Cold tests
  • Precise tempering plan and control of the tempering curve

The lehr is one of the most important areas of the glass production line. Therefore, it must be heated up with particular care. The lehr may be damaged if not heated up in the proper manner. This could have permanent adverse effects on production.

Naturally, HORN®, as a manufacturer of lehrs, has the required experience and know-how in this field. The process consists of several phases in which the temperature inside the lehr is changed: increased, stabilised and reduced at various times. Every phase requires precise and smooth cooperation.

The experienced HORN® team controls the process not only at the lehr itself, but also from the control room. As a result, you receive a perfect, fully functional product. If the heating up is not done correctly, it can lead to considerable damage to the lehr and further difficulties during production. Over many years, we have developed a perfect heating up plan for the lehr to prevent this happening.

Heating up a lehr requires years of training and experience. You can also benefit from a smooth start up of your lehr through the support of our experts.