Electrical Equipment



With the Digital Furnace TV Camera, the customer can expand its control of the glass melting process by means of visualisation. The camera is mounted in a water-cooled housing and the front section of the probe jacket is resistant to temperatures around 1800 °C. The different possible viewing angles of 70° / 82° / 94° / 110° enable monitoring most of the furnace. The compressed air and the cooling water are controlled through a utility cabinet. Together with its automatic retraction system, the system is guaranteed to withstand the operating location’s high temperatures and special requirements. The camera system facilitates a purposive optimisation because of the monitoring of flame conditions, the combustion, batch pile travel and damage to refractories, etc. HORN® offers two models: a digital and an infrared camera.

The digital model delivers its records in full HD, thus allowing the customer to determine and repair defects more precisely.

  • Monitoring of the furnace interior
  • Different possible image angle allows almost complete overview
  • Basis for optimisation processes
  • Full HD IP colour camera system
  • PC with recording function


The infrared colour camera expands the monitoring possibilities by means of thermography, which provides considerably more possibilities for improvement. The customer can continuously monitor the furnace chamber, presented on multiple displays with including detailed enlargement and optimised false colour display in the thermal design or "video quality".  The operator can detect temperatures in freely defined zones, such as the glass surface, wall, arch and ports as well as openings. Measurement results are then displayed, including hot and cold spots. The professional software enables the data transfer to external systems of alarms and temperature values and allows recordings. Through backups retrospective evaluation, analysis and comparison of condition can be executed.

  • Monitoring of the furnace interior
  • Thermography extends data collection
  • Different image angle allows almost complete overview
  • Temperature measurement range from 600 °C up to 1800 °C
  • Retrospective analyses and comparisons
  • Basis for optimisation processes
  • High quality IR camera system
  • PC with recording function and special evaluation software


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