The HORN® industrial burner, type HCB, is a burner with an air casing containing a high temperature-resistant inner lining. Hereby the burner is damped against noise, becomes temperature resistant and is suitable for combustion air temperatures of up to max. 850 °C.

The entire combustion air is force-supplied to the burner by air fans.

The industrial burner can be operated with all types of gas (natural gas, LPG air mixture and biogas) and all types of oil (heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil). Therefore the casing is only equipped with the relevant burner lance:

  • DUALFLAME MC for all types of gas
  • Multi Oil Burner MOB for all types of oil

An appropriate burner block made of suitable refractory material has to be provided for the burner at the furnace.

The HORN® industrial burner type HCB is especially suitable for the high temperature area at recuperative fired glass melting plants because of its robustness and immunity to back-temperatures.

The connections at the burner lances DUALFLAME for gas and MOB for oil are made by way of a quick-release coupling. The connection for the preheated combustion air is made through a standard flange according to PN (nominal pressure) 10.


Model Output in kWh Air connection flange
1 45 – 450 kWh DN 200, PN 10
2 100 – 1000 kWh DN 250, PN 10
3 200 – 2000 kWh DN 300, PN 10
4 300 – 3000 kWh DN 350, PN 10
HCB burner with MOB burner for oil operation
Oil pressure at burner min. 0.2 bar – max. 2.5 bar
Oil viscosity at burner 10 – 20 cST. (2° – 3°E)
Compressed air pressure at burner min. 1.5 bar – max. 3.0 bar
Combustion air temperature max. 850°C at the burner
Combustion air pressure approx. 15 mbar
HCB burner with Dualflame MC burner for gas operation
Gas pressure at burner min. 0.1 bar – max. 0.4 bar
Combustion air temperature max. 850°C
Combustion air pressure approx. 15 mbar


  • Used for recuperative furnaces (end fired or cross fired)
  • Suitable for hot air up to 850 °C
  • Firing with oil or gas
  • Ceramic or blanket lining for heat insulation and noise reduction





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