Melting Furnaces & Equipment



The use of bubbling systems is a well-known procedure in the glass industry. The primary aim of bubbling is to intensify the melting process by strengthening and stabilising the glass flow. This affects the melting process in terms of improved homogenising and increased melting performance as well as speeding up the re-melting process.

The HORN® bubbling system consists of three main components:

  • Ceramic or water-cooled metal nozzles with minor accessories
  • Flow-control cabinet
  • Compressed air supply with tank and conditioning

The compact air generating and conditioning plant ensures economic and efficient cleaning of the air used to extend nozzle durability.

The HORN® flow control station facilitates the extremely accurate manual control of the air quantity. Automatic control of the air is optionally available.

Apart from air, there is the option of using other gases for the bubbling system. Ceramic or metal nozzles could be used for the system – depending on the individual application. The number of nozzles and the positioning depend on the application and can be determined by HORN®, who then propose the optimal solution.


  • Improved glass current flow
  • Faster re-melting process during colour change
  • Increased melting performance
  • Better homogenising and improved refining of the glass
  • Air dryer unit for increased nozzle durability
  • HORN® offers complete service – installation and commissioning
  • Excellent quality due to own manufacture of partial components





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