Batch Chargers



One of the latest batch chargers in HORN®’s product range is the float batch charger HFB, which is used to continuously feed the float glass furnace.

The chargers are installed at the front part of the melting end at the doghouse across its full width. The operating element of the charger is driven by an electric motor. All batch chargers in the charging system are constructed identically. The float batch charger consists of a main frame and a mobile sub frame, which can be moved by means of four heavy duty castors. The machine is fixed to the position in front of the wall using floor mounts.

The batch is supplied on the operating element from the special hopper located at the top of the furnace. The day silo, which is situated in front of the melting tank, feeds the batch into the funnel of the charging machine. The continuous lifting motion of the charging chute loads the batch into the doghouse area of the furnace. A driving unit powers the lifting motion.

Batch and cullet chargers are controlled in such a way that the glass level in the melting tank measured by the level control system is constant.

The gap between the melting end and the chargers is covered over the total width of the doghouse and is executed in two parts. The charging quantity of the individual machine can be adjusted via a layer height adjustment.


  • Wear parts can be changed easily
  • Complete concept for high batch loads for furnaces up to 1000 t/d
  • Reduced wear and tear due to fewer mechanical parts


  HFB 2025 HFB 2900
Chute width (top/bottom) [mm] 2025 2900
Charging performance [t/d] 40 – 150 60 – 250
Chute lift [strokes/min] 0.38 – 3.8 0.55 – 5.5





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