EUROX® Measurement-Systems



DiRox probes are based on a zirconium oxide measuring cell, which measures against reference air from a reference air unit. Together with an active ceramic diffusion block the inner and outer protection tube effect a maximum protection of the inner components.


DiRox for regenerative furnaces
The DiRox1500-elpro is intended for a reversal of the firing side of the furnace. Short reaction times are realised through adapted construction.

DiRox for recuperative and oxyfuel furnaces
The best solution for furnaces without reversal of the firing side is the DiRox1500-dipro. The spotlight in the construction was a maximum protection of the measuring cell.

Both probe systems are available as a stand-alone and add-on system to a HORN® SCADA system. Together with our mounting device a safe usage also in harsh conditions is possible.


  • Protection of measuring cell through diffusion block
  • Stable structure due to special design
  • Lifespan up to six years depending on conditions
  • Operating temperatures up to 1500 °C (2730 °F)
  • Fast installation
  • Direct measuring of the oxygen content in the flue gas
  • Calculation of the Lambda value
  • Supplementation of various calculation modules possible


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