Project Management


The following activities are considered during the Detail Engineering phase; coordination of deliveries and services, as well as the monitoring of interfaces between the subcontractors, HORN® and the customer’s planning institute.

The following tasks can be completed by us as part of Detailed Engineering:

  • The selection of appropriate sub-suppliers and consequently the technological equipment that is specially adapted to your glass production line. You define the selection criteria and the rest will be completed by us.
  • A qualitative and quantitative recording of supply and waste disposal systems. We actively assist in the planning and coordinate the projects work related to line-bound energy sources to include; electricity, natural gas, compressed air, water, and hydrogen. For a better overview we create a block flow diagram, a process flow diagram, and a pipeline/instrument flow diagram.
  • The highest of expectations are placed on the process measuring and control technology of the production line. Depending on the scope of the order, interlock matrix, alarm lists, I/O signal lists, detailed functional descriptions for the process control system, electrical engineering planning, and much more will be created.
  • Compilation of all necessary official approval documents. The equipment will be designed and manufactured according to all relevant standards in order for the CE marking to be issued at the end. If part of the equipment or entire production line requires an additional operation license for your country, we will gladly support you by creating the technical descriptions of the delivered equipment.
  • We understand how important it is that a delivery arrives damage-free and at the right place at the right time. We ensure this by creating safe supply chains, preparing the necessary shipping documents (both for the bank and for customs), and providing a customs tariff number.
  • We also provide you a storage plan for the equipment and materials based on the Last In - First Out principle, meaning what will be required first on the construction site is stored last. Moreover, we provide logistic management, which includes the training of your logistics personnel, monitoring, and coordination of transportation on site.


All processes of Detail Engineering are proofed and documented so that quality is maintained. We place great value on using only the most modern CAD and 3D simulation techniques in the planning, which allows for plant layouts in 3D and the final assembly layouts in 2D.