The float glass production line requires to be supplied with many different media: Natural gas, protective gas, water, compressed air etc. These plant utilities services must be available in the right place in adequate quality, quantity and at the right pressure. The control and instrumentation of these parameters ensures sustainable and controllable use of what are generally very expensive resources. Coordinating all these media is very time consuming and requires an experienced supervisor during the installation of the systems.

Commissioning the plant utilities services takes place in a number of different phases. We can support you through each phase of commissioning by being on hand with help and advice. We find problems before you see them and work on solutions before you need them.

Supervision of plant utilities services includes the following points:

  • Installation and connection of the equipment
  • Software installation
  • Functional check and the simulation of all extreme situations
  • Assistance during commissioning
  • Determination of the process parameters and their fine adjustment for operation