Utilities for glass plants with partners


To prevent the tin melt from oxidising, the atmosphere in the tin bath should be natural-reduced (without oxygen) by using a shield gas based on nitrogen and hydrogen.

HORN® offers a complete system for the supply and control of shield gas. The shield gas mixing station is integrated in a 40' sea container, which is divided into two gas-tight separated areas. The process chamber contains one redundant shield gas mixing station and two nitrogen pressure control stations. For individual adjustment of H2 demand at each bay of the tin bath the tin bath shield gas control stations will be installed, which leads to further dilution of N2H2 gas with N2.  

  • Redundant-safe supply of shield gas
  • Cost-effective dosing of the relatively expensive H2 gas
  • Optimisation of dew point along the tin bath
  • Individual adjustment of N2 and N2H2 ratio for each tin bath bay


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