Tin Bath



HORN® provides complete measurement and control equipment for the glass forming area in the tin bath. For the engineering the latest version of EPLAN software is used. All control cabinets are pre-assembled and tested.

HORN® offers functional units for miscellaneous requirements, primarily:

  • Temperature measurement and control
  • Pressure measurement and control
  • Atmosphere measurement
  • Individual control of protective gas atmosphere
  • Process PLC control unit
  • MCC (Motor Control Cabinet) and power cabinets for electrical roof heating and cooling equipment
  • SCADA - Computer supervisory system
  • UPS – Power unit


For the process control of the glass forming area, HORN® has developed a multi-level operational concept:

  • Process supervision and visualisation
  • PLC - levels with independent operating units
  • Manual/field operation level


The aim is to display technical parameters in the clearest, most user-friendly way and at the same time achieve the highest possible safety level. Moreover, the control system determines the financial feasibility of the plant and the quality of the glass produced. For this reason, HORN® provides ultramodern control equipment and visualisation software to supervise and optimise the glass melting process.


  • Individually designed control cabinets
  • Equipment adapted to local network conditions
  • Components from leading international brands
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in our company


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