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An inconspicuous, but nonetheless essential detail at a float glass melting furnace is the neck cooler, which has a considerable impact on the quality of the float glass.

Neck coolers have three main tasks:

  • Controlling the flow in the glass and generating a barrier effect, which contributes to the homogenisation of the glass melt
  • Cooling the glass, especially the glass surface
  • Forming a barrier where unmolten defect particles are stopped and do not get into the downstream process and working end

The neck coolers have a major influence on both the homogeneity of the glass melt and the thermal efficiency of the float glass melting furnace and are therefore essential in producing high-quality float glass. The HORN® neck cooler (HNC) enables glass quality improvement in a very simple way. The coolers are always used in pairs. The cooling element is a welded construction of rectangular pipes fixed on a mobile carriage. The height of the cooler can be adjusted manually. Insertion and retraction are effected manually.

The cooling element is available as a spare part and can be exchanged quickly and easily.


  • Easy and ergonomic handling
  • Simple and compact design
  • Fast and easy installation





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