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HORN® provides SCADA / PLC systems with application software (Siemens WinCC, TIA Portal, PCS7, Allen-Bradley / Rockwell, etc.) in order to optimise the advantages and the efficiency of the PLC control system at a glass melting furnace.

The SCADA system runs on a Windows PC. It has access to one or more programmable logic controllers and enables comfortable, efficient and customer-specific operation and monitoring of the entire system. However, The PLC can run the process independently of the SCADA PC. This means that the PC can be temporarily out of order without stopping the process.

On overview screens, larger parts of the plant with interrelated processes are illustrated clearly and easily understandable. All digital switching states are displayed with colour change, the analogue signals in real-time.

Detail screens show related control loops and a permanent trend window to analyse the control quality.

Alarms are indicated acoustically / optically and are listed as descriptive plain text in different alarm windows.


  • Individually designed graphic layouts
  • Analogue value processing
  • Tag logging - Writing process values into the process value archive
  • Alarm logging
  • Alarm management
  • Reports - Print report forms or run a continuous Excel report
  • All parameters can easily be monitored and changed on the PC
  • Historical data for analysis are available for long time period and scale as convenient
  • Recording, supervision and operation of temperature and consumption signals
  • Control of motor drives like fans, flaps, cooling air, furnace pressure, etc.
  • Control of valves and slides for reversing process and fuel / air ratio control
  • Control of batch charger for glass level


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