Combustion Systems



Oil equipment is available for the heating mediums Heavy fuel oil (HFO) as well as for Light Oil/Diesel. It can be used as the main firing system but also as a back-up equipment.
The complete oil combustion equipment is designed on ultramodern computer stations with AutoCAD/Inventor 3D. Special programmes assist the engineers at the design and dimensioning of the oil equipment. This allows us to engineer each component individually to the required quantity as well to the given space requirements. Only parts from “HORN®-proofed” long term experienced suppliers are used and guarantee a full-time support in case of failures. Each skid is completely preassembled, wired and tested in our workshops to guarantee short time installations at site as well to avoid faulty assembly on-site.

The following components are supplied by HORN®:

  • Oil burners with accessories in the burner port
  • Oil reversing equipment
  • Oil control and measuring equipment (single- or port quantity controlled)
  • Oil safety and pressure control equipment according to current safety standards
  • Oil pumping and filter equipment
  • Oil preheating equipment (for heavy fuel oil firing systems)
  • Compressed air equipment for the atomising of the oil as well as for cooling of the burners

Due to the constantly changing requirements for the combustion systems of glass melting plants, measures for the optimisation or upgrading of existing plants up to the installation of the latest firing components and the associated safety components are required.
Our system solutions, consisting of the skids, the sensoric and the safe logical control, offer advantages in terms of safety, availability and performance of the industrial thermoprocessing equipment.

Industrial thermoprocessing equipment:

  • Valid directive - 2006/42/EC
  • Valid standard - DIN EN 746-2
  • Electrical requirement - DIN EN 60204
  • All safety functions designed regarding EN ISO 12100 / EN ISO 13849-1

Furthermore, all skids are designed with by-pass lines for maintenance works on equipment or facilitated exchange and the skids fit exactly into local situations in order to provide most user-friendly equipment for the operator.

HORN® oil burners used as a backup for a gas equipment are equipped with an adapter for an easy exchange in the mounted HORN® burner bracket.



  • Individual burner control or total port control
  • Electric or pneumatic drive for valves
  • Firing with Heavy Oil or Light Oil
  • Oil preheating with electricity
  • Robust and long durability
  • User-friendly design
  • Individual design adapted to local situation
  • Conformity with safety standards


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