Glass Conditioning Systems


The gas/air mixture burner is typically used together with the gas skid CORA® to heat the glass distribution channel and forehearths. The gas/air mixture burners are installed along the length of the distributor and forehearth side wall with a distance of 114 mm between each burner. Bespoke distances are also possible.

The burners are made of steel with either a steel nozzle or ceramic nozzle at the front. The nozzles are designed for a minimum gas flow of 0.07 Nm³/h and maximum gas flow of 0.7 Nm³/h. All types of gas can be used.

The steel or ceramic nozzle in front of the burner is installed inside the burner block and sealed by a ceramic fibre sealing ring between burner block and nozzle, while the rear part of the burner is braced inside the gas / air mixture manifold pipe.



  • Steel or ceramic burner nozzles available
  • 0.07 Nm³/h up to 0.7 Nm³/h gas throughput
  • Firing with all types of gas


1. Mixture burner
2. Mixing manifold
3. Ceramic fibre seal
4. Gas seal
5. Double-sided holder
6. Single-sided holder





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