EUROX® Measurement-Systems



The portable EUROX® measurement system for extractive measurements is designed for adjustments or short periods of premixed gas measurements at glass conditioning systems as well as tin bath atmosphere monitoring.

All necessary parts of the measuring system for extractive measurements is portable in just one box. The measuring result is visualised on a convertible notebook via WiFi but also via any mobile device.


With the EUROX® portable measuring unit for extractive measurements simple, quick and flexible measurements are possible. With the measuring system you get an overview of an entire glass conditioning system or tin bath over a longer period of time. With the integrated multifunctional unit OM-4 which consists of a control-, visualisation-, evaluation- and storage unit, measurements can be carried out and evaluated independently.
So, also easy and quick setting of gas mixing stations or problem identification can be done.


With the EUROX® portable measuring unit for extractive measurements, six measuring points can be monitored with just one sensor. After heat up and connecting the measuring system with the measuring points, the measurement can start immediately.


Evaluation is done via an integrated OM-4 multifunctional unit.
Visualisation is done via a visualising unit of OM-4, a provided convertible notebook or via any mobile device which can be connected via WiFi. With the integrated data memory, a recording of the measurement and thus an evaluation at a later time is also possible. 


  • Stable structure and low maintenance
  • Quick response and high precision also in near stoichiometric conditions
  • History feature (24 hours or longer) without HORN SCADA system
  • Visualisation on a convertible notebook or any mobile device via WiFi
  • Proven in harsh conditions
  • Integrated memory module


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