HORN packs 220 packages for Johanniter Christmas truckers

Under the lead of the youth and trainee representation (JAV), the trainees of the HORN company took care of the purchase of the aid packages. The packing of the food and hygiene articles was done on the basis of a carefully compiled packing list in the smallest circle of the JAV and trainees on the HORN company premises. 

A total of 220 packages on eight pallets were packed by the JAV and HORN trainees this year - almost the same number as last year. With the active support of the HORN trainees, the youth and trainee representatives collected money donations from employees worth € 2,200. And that was by no means all. Stephan Meindl, CEO and President of HORN, topped it up again at company expense. Meindl rounded up the collected donation sum of the HORN employees to a proud € 5,000. "Once again this year it was a matter close to our hearts to support a local aid organisation," said Meindl.

Stephan Meindl, together with the JAV and the trainees, handed over the aid packages to Ludwig Wüst, one of the many drivers of the Christmas truckers. Wüst has been a driver for the Christmas truckers since 2003 and expressed his sincere thanks that such a large number of packages was collected again this year.