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Metalworker (m/f/d) construction

Training type:Dual system
Training duration:42 months
Requirements:Lower or intermediate secondary school leaving certificate
Vocational school:Wiesau

Metalworkers specialising in construction engineering work mainly in our steel fabrication workshop or assemble structures on sites in Germany or abroad. They fabricate and assemble welded components and workpieces for mechanical and plant engineering. This includes the fabrication of welded assemblies in accordance with engineering drawings and joining them together using various welding methods, such as WIG, MAG and electrode welding. The required components are fabricated from various metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel or heat-resistant steel. The processes used range from thermal cutting and cutting to length of pipes, plates and profiles to machining in a lathe and metal forming in a press brake. The parts are scribed before work begins. Sequencing, drilling and forming require great precision so that the parts will fit together properly in the end. The final assembly of the fabricated parts or assemblies is the last step in the production process for a metalworker in the workshop. Metalworkers also service and maintain the products after all the parts, machines or plant components have been correctly installed at the customer’s premises.



Care and attention to detail and sound judgement are required in the workshop and on site to ensure personal safety and not to endanger colleagues. Safety is paramount, especially when working with elevated platforms or forklift trucks. Knowledge of production practices and engineering are important, for example for working with different materials and implementing construction drawings. Mathematics is required, for example to calculate areas, volumes, weights and material requirements. Craftsmanship, dexterity and the ability to think in three dimensions are required to fabricate the components from drawings.


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