Installation and Services



At the construction site the unique working conditions such as extreme temperatures, call for a team of highly qualified specialists and experts. HORN® employs a pool of very experienced people who have been working in the glass industry for many years.

Before new furnace installations or cold repairs, HORN® provides the material and the expertise to drain the furnace. A controlled cooling down is essential if parts of the plant, such as the melting end crown, etc., are to be preserved.

During demolition of the old furnace HORN® takes care to keep the remaining parts. For disposal HORN® reverts to specialised and certificated subcontractors.

High precision bricklaying guarantees the customer a furnace with a long lifespan and many years of trouble-free operation. Furthermore, HORN® undertakes the necessary steel construction on an international scale.

With its own experts, HORN® supervises its own manpower or customers' manpower to manage all the installation or repair works.

Finally, HORN® experts heat up the furnace to operating temperature with own special heat-up burners and measurement equipment to secure a proper temperature gradient and controlled expansion of all refractory material as well as a dust-free cullet charging.

The hot sealing of the furnaces completes the installation phase. If requested, “outside welding” can be provided.