HORN recently concluded a contract with the company REPXPER for representation in France. Owner and managing director is Mr. Jean-Philippe Martel, who has been active in the glass industry since 1998.

The first time HORN installed an online gas analysis on the furnace 62 at Vetropack in Straza, Croatia. Therefore a flue gas analyzer from ABB Automation GmbH was installed to measure CO, CO2, NO and O2.

Stephan Meindl, Graduate Engineer (University of Applied Sciences), the new Executive Chairman of HORN Glass Industries AG, describes the developments in the glass industry and in which ways HORN will react after the former executive chairman, Mr

During a farewell party on December 18, 2014 the staff of the furnace construction company thanked Mr. Maximilian Sollfrank for his long-standing function as executive chairman. 

The gas burners DUALFLAME have been used in the glass industry successfully for a long time.