Press Release for immediate publication:

18.July 2016

ggENOx – Take-over by Horn Glass Industries 

On 19th July 2016 HORN Glass Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. held its second technology Seminar in the hotel Shangri-La in China.

President Max Sollfrank welcomed in his opening speech more than 50 participants.

HORN Glass Industries AG has been awarded by Huaxing Glass China beeing the best Supplier 2015.

Last week HORN Glass Industries AG held a very informative seminar in China for all our customers of the glass industry about a variety of very interesting subjects such as the founding of the company, NOx reduction measures and control equipment,

Last year HORN Glass Industries AG held two technology seminars in Indonesia. The first took place at the Aryaduta Hotel in Jakarta, the second at the Shangri-La Hotel in Surabaya. Numerous of participants from all over Indonesia attended the semi