Great joy for the Oberpfälzer Waldverein (Upper Palatinate Forest Association) Ploessberg and its museum team: The company HORN supports the redesign and supervision of the glass melting furnace construction and glass exhibits museum in Ploessberg with a generous donation of € 2,500.

Benno Krottenthaler, honorary museum attendant, had reason to be happy: Stephan Meindl, HORN CEO&MD (second from left) handed over the symbolic cheque to him (second from right). Manfred Kopp, honorary museum attendant (first from left) and Lothar Müller, Ploessberg's mayor (first from right) rejoiced with them.

 "HORN Glass Industries AG is now the first company to officially hand over a donation to the OWV for the redesign of the museum," thanked Manfred Kopp. Meindl emphasised that Helmut Horn laid the foundation for HORN Glass Industries AG, one of the largest furnace construction companies in Germany and world-wide. Müller (first from the right) thanked the museum helpers who are so actively involved and the HORN company for remaining loyal to the Ploessberg site throughout the company's history.