• almost 100% stable gas/air ratio is realized along the entire control range (2-70 mbar)
  • accurate gas/air ratio control (+/- 0,1% deviation) enables a stable combustion
  • proportional gas and air volume control irrespective of pressure fluctuations
  • according the ambient conditions, individual gas/air ratio may be adjusted manually at the gas reducing valve
  • homogeneous mixing of gas and air even at minimum output range due to turbulent flow rates
  • increased stability in production conditions leads to increased glass quality
  • exchangeable gas nozzle inserts in the mixer make future output adjustment possible
  • can be operated with LPG
  • constant pressure control of the combustion air fans through a thyristor, leads to reduced electricity consumption of the motors during lower pull
  • less pressure loss of the mixers enable the application of combustion air fans with lower compression which results in reduced electricity consumption
  • optional available with automatic Lambda control