High quality products relating to the furnace, manufactured in our modern production area. Constantly improved and adapted to each individual production process and according to international standards and norms.

Cooling Water System

In each glass melting furnace cooling water is required to cool the machines, electrode holders, glass level measuring system or other equipment close to the furnace.

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Tank and Throat Cooling

The tank and throat cooling is designed to cool by means of permanent and uniform air or water flow.

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The use of bubbling systems is a well-known procedure in the glass industry, the primary aim of which being to intensify the melting process by strengthening and stabilizing the glass flow.

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The main purpose of the water breaker is to break undesired parts of the flat glass ribbon; it is set up in the annealing lehr above the concrete opening.

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Stirring Systems

For Forehearths and Float Furnaces

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Neck Cooler

Between the melting and working end is a special area which is called Neck. A cooler in this area will assure the optimum glass temperature.  

Due to thorough cooling of the liquid glass it becomes more homogenous which results in a good glass quality. Coolers are installed on both sides of the neck.

Coolers consist of heat resistant steel and water-cooled pipes. Steel pipes are fixed to the movable carriage. The height of the cooler can be adjusted by the jack. Installation into the neck / removal from the neck is done manually.

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