Update on new office building

The expansion of the new building wing at the headquarters of HORN® Glass Industries AG in Plössberg is progressing. At the moment, the workers are smoothly plastering the inside and outside of the masonry and completing the electrical installation. The latter is a novelty at HORN® as all components in the building will have a digital accessibility. Whether lighting, heating, blinds, locking and alarm systems, everything can be controlled digitally. Even subsequent conversions within the building are easily possible.

Another important fact: the system is not cooled by air conditioning, but by component activation. Pre-installed pipes with cold water cool the rooms without draught or noise. The integrated ventilation system ensures a pleasant room climate thanks to constant but unobtrusive air circulation.

60 employees will find a new vocational home in the complex. Smaller office units, fitted for 2-3 people, instead of open-plan offices enable the teams to create an inspiring and productive working atmosphere. The project is scheduled to be finished by mid of 2020.