HORN® starts heat-up process of Frigoglass' 300 tpd furnace

HORN® has started the furnace heat-up process at glass packaging supplier Frigoglass' (Beta Glass Plc) 300 t/d end fired furnace GF2 in Nigeria. The furnace demolishing and the new construction started on 15 March. The heat-up started on Friday, 21 May, which was inaugurated by Mr Mamoilis Nikos (Group CEO Frigoglass SAIC Athens). The first glass was finally on 2 June. This is industry record time completion during COVID-19.

The new container glass furnace manufactures glass in green and amber. The entire start-up process is and will further be supported by HORN® technicians and under the leadership of Mr Jagdish Agarwal (Operations Director) as well as the plant team.