HORN® packs 222 parcels for the Johanniter Christmas trucker campaign

In December 2020, the HORN® youth and trainee representatives and the apprentices were once again particularly hardworking - for a good cause: Together, many aid packages (including basic foodstuffs, hygiene articles and gifts) were bought and finally packed by the human resources department for the Johanniter Christmas trucker campaign.

In 2020, the record number of 135 parcels from 2019 was exceeded by far. No less than 222 parcels were donated. Together, donations worth € 2,289.28 were collected. And that wasn't all: Stephan Meindl, CEO of HORN®, rounded up at company expense: he added € 2,710.72, which led to a total donation of an unbelievable € 5,000.

On 11 December, the 222 parcels were handed over to Mr Ludwig Wüst, the driver of the Christmas truckers. In addition, the donation cheque for the Johanniter Christmas trucker campaign was symbolically handed over to Mr. Wüst by Mr. Meindl. A total of nine pallets were on their way to sweeten Christmas for other people.