HORN employees and management collect 5,000 euros for help for Ukraine

The Ploessberg-based company HORN has a big heart for help for Ukraine. The technology company collected 5,000 euros in donations for charitable purposes within the company.

In order to help the refugees and fugitives from Ukraine, the youth and trainee representation (JAV) of HORN quickly set up an internal fundraising campaign for all employees. 

A few days ago, the sum donated was finalised: around 2,200 euros were collected - in the form of individual donations by HORN employees. "The proceeds were overwhelming," reported Alisa Stich, 1st Deputy of the JAV, happily. "We are extremely happy about the great willingness of our colleagues to donate." And that is by no means all. Stephan Meindl, President and CEO of HORN Glass Industries AG, increased the amount donated at company expense. Thus, a total of 5,000 euros can be divided among various initiatives.

For the Ploessberg-based technology company, it is a matter of course to provide fast and unbureaucratic help. "HORN Glass Industries AG has been aware of its social responsibility for many years and not only lives the slogan by means of words, but also puts deeds behind it," emphasises President and CEO Stephan Meindl.

One of the many recipients of the donation is Klaus Könitzer, an employee of Bau&Service GmbH, a subsidiary of HORN Glass Industries AG. "It is a great relief to be able to get help quickly and unbureaucratically at short notice," says Könitzer happily. Könitzer was able to use the money to buy urgently needed household items, such as a washing machine or a refrigerator, and other urgently needed relief goods. 

Meindl praised Könitzer's social commitment to providing safe accommodation for refugees and enabling them to integrate gently. Private accommodation is, after all, an important pillar of housing.