HORN® donates € 3,000 for youth village Lokod in Romania

The company HORN® Glass Industries AG donates € 3,000 to LIA e.V. Romania help and thus supports disadvantaged children, young people and young adults in Romania.

The non-profit association LIA e.V. – Project help in Romania - has various projects, such as the youth village Lokod, family houses, assisted living, sheltered workshop and Christmas truckers. The "help for self-help" is financed by donations.

Ludwig Wüst from Georgenberg, supporter of the organisation LIA e. V. Romania help, has been committed to LIA for many years and was very happy about the news that the company HORN® Glass Industries AG donates 3,000 Euros and did not miss the opportunity to personally accept the donation check.

On 6th December 2019 the time had come: 3,000 Euros were handed over to Ludwig Wüst by Stephan Meindl (President & CEO of HORN®) in the form of a symbolic check when the donation was handed over. Wüst thanked Meindl very much for the generous donation and accepted the money on behalf of all those who will benefit from it in the end. Meindl was pleased: "With Ludwig Wüst, we know that our support really gets where it is urgently needed".