HORN batch charger HVR 600F performs in test of conveyor capacity

For our customer Bastürk Cam we will soon build a 560 t/d end fired furnace with a melting surface of 185.4 m² in their plant in Malatya, Turkey. The new furnace is designed with six forehearths for the production of container glass.

HORN´s scope of supply for this project includes two new HORN batch chargers HVR® 600F. The HVR® is still the most popular and reliable batch charger for glass plants and, as a true classic, the most successful batch charging machine of HORN Glass Industries AG on the market.

The two HORN batch chargers HVR® 600F were recently subjected to a test with regard to conveyor capacity. Each batch charger must have a conveyor capacity of 700 tonnes per day, so that each machine itself can handle the entire capacity of the furnace. With the test on an original batch consisting of 25% cullet and 75% raw materials, HORN was able to prove this performance under real conditions without any problems and thus meet the high requirements for the batch chargers.