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Electronics technician (m/f/d) specialising in industrial engineering (switchgear and control systems)

Training type:Dual system
Training duration:42 months
Requirements:Lower or intermediate secondary school leaving certificate
Vocational school:Weiden i.d.OPf.

Electronics technicians specialising in industrial engineering in the field of switchgear and control systems work mainly in our electrical workshop or perform installations on sites in Germany or abroad. They produce installation boards, component assemblies and switchgear and control cabinets. Once complete, they handover the systems to the future users and instruct them on their operation. If necessary they organise the assembly of systems and supervise the work of service providers. They repair the systems if faults develop. As a rule, they carry out the tasks assigned to them working on their own initiative. On complex plants and control systems, they also work with other specialists from the electrical engineering field, such as other electronics experts, technicians or engineers.


Care and attention to detail and precision are required when you install cables, components and automation systems or assemble component assemblies manually and make electrical connections. They form, in most cases, the “heart” of plants and the slightest error or deviation from requirements can lead to far-reaching malfunctions of the equipment.


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